Every product on sale is covered by the guarantee of the right of withdrawal, provided for by Decree Law January 15, 1992 No. 50. The right of withdrawal must be exercised within 10 days of delivery of the product by written notice (registered letter with return receipt requested) to the Company: Pupils Monia. - Robert Koch Str. 51-44143 Dortumund - Germany.
The recommended must have the will to exercise the right of withdrawal, the indication of the product, the object of dispute, the description of the order and its copy of the transport document. Any return will be accepted only if the product will be intact, if the goods have already been delivered, to exercise the right of withdrawal, the consumer must return the property in the manner and time stipulated in the contract (which they will still be less than ten working days from the date of receipt of the goods). Moreover, the return of the goods will not be accepted if the same was withdrawn from the box and ruined or damaged.


A reimbursement will be made within 30 days of arrival of the notice of withdrawal; reimbursement refers exclusively to the product price, because the shipping fees and delivery will remain with the purchaser.


Please check the accuracy of your tax data, communicating any inaccuracies within the meaning of Decree 633/72 and Subsequent changes, otherwise we accept no responsibility Nostra. The goods travel at risk and peril. Before you pick up the goods, together with the carrier, check the integrity of the package or of the neck and in the event of tampering or neglect, do not complain to the arrival courier holding us responsible for any damage. Any costs of storage of goods at the courier, in case it is impossible to deliver to unavailability, are your responsibility. Returns will be accepted only prepaid and behind our permission. For any dispute the jurisdiction will be the Court of Terni.


All products purchased on the site www.epilresin.it are guaranteed to a maximum of 24 months. The guarantee is valid from the start and is validated by the invoice or the equivalent accompanying the goods. Law 24 of 02/02/2002 By Act No. 24 of February 2, 2002 published in the Official Gazette 27 of 8 March 2002, although Italy has implemented the European law 1999/44 / EC concerning guarantees on consumer products. In summary this law, already in force since March 9. U.S. provides that the duration of the warranty period is two years from the date of purchase and / or installation, and at least ONE year for used products.


For any needs 'assistance on our products the customer can' go directly at Alumni Monia. by sending an email request support at info@epilresin.it. And 'it guaranteed the product proves defective, of poor workmanship. We can not charge our responsibilities products poorly used or damaged during operation. The product must be returned with the original packaging and not deteriorated. In no way should change the status of a product, you should never change it. In these cases, you lose the possibility of use of the guarantee.