Resin characteristics depilatory Epilresin

Resin characteristics depilatory Epilresin

The natural depilatory Epilresin resin stems from having to create a natural product suitable for use household for a full epilation that allows to eradicate the hair at the root without causing pain.

Hence it was born the natural painless waxing EPILRESIN!

Its resin was born in Brazil from rosin trees, prepared by adding 9 essential oils (Pineapple sativus extract, bromelain, geranium, robertianum extract, larrea divaricata, Lavandula angustifolia oil, Matricaria officinalis, melaleuca alternifolia, mentha peppermint oil) and finally with the addition of proteolytic enzymes.
Finally the product is sealed in a tin can and ready for sale.

The normal waxes are composed by 99% from paraffin and vaseline oils by chemical (elements which attack the skin) while Epilresin is a natural epilating resin to 99%.

The characteristics that make it unique natural Epilresin epilating resin are:

  • Does not create folliculitis
  • Does not cause ingrown hairs
  • Prevents skin irritation
  • Slips off the hair at the roots without breaking it
  • Eliminates duplicate the hair regrowth
  • While remaining gentle on the skin does not cause pain (prevents the hair tearing)
  • Delays the regrowth of hair to over weeks if
  • The skin remains smooth and soft, pleasant to the touch
  • visible results right away
  • It can be used on fragile veins and capillaries due to its low temperature of 36 degrees
  • It allows you to tan in the sun or the sun soon after without hair
  • And 'dermatologically tested