Patrizia Cavallo talking about Epilresin

Patrizia Cavallo talking about Epilresin

Moustached woman always liked? I do not believe.

The unwanted hair have become an obsession for women and men attentive to the current trend.

The skin needs to see, taste, caress without fingers are pushed into thorn bushes bristling. A losing battle? We do to start the situation. There are ways and ways to remove hair, acluni said hair removal, hair removal other sayings. What is the difference? Depilatories limina the visible part of the hair, then the one that comes out from the epidermis, the visible stem. We speak razor, depilatory creams, waxing usual. The hair removal tends to inhibit the growth of hair coming to extract the root. So an intervention that arrives more deeply and which should yield improved results continuously slowing down the re-growth, the consistency and the amount of hairs. Which one to choose? The one they like best. Let's do a test. Do you like spikes in hair growth of the legs you peep through the socks? Are you happy with the bristly mustache hairs with which giocherelli watching you at traffic lights in the rearview mirror? You think that the bush under the armpits well teacups with your nightgown? Find that the forest that rises from the sides of your expensive thong that brings an appetizing whole? Or if you're a man, his chest hair and back make that long does not feel the effect of the fabric of the shirt directly on the skin, or the water of the shower that you slip on your chest? Based on the responses they make choices. If for years you do waxing or alternative uses and conitnui systems to have the inconvenience as described above, it might be appropriate to consider alternative methods? But which ones? I would say the least invasive. less painful. Less expensive: the resin.

How does it work? It is a lukewarm resin which is spread with a wooden spatula and removed with a sweet gesture that pulls the hair without trauma to the skin. The important thing is the proper skin care every day because it remains the proper hydration. Contrary to many conventional waxes that adhere only partially to the skin and that can not decompose the hair bulb, the resin placed on the skin properly treated, as well as to perfectly remove the hair, the skin abellisce. more chicken skin at all. But a uniform smoothness without follicular inflammation.

The best products are made for up to 96.5 & natural resins, pure essential oils and Shea butter from the calming, soothing, moisturizing. The permanent hair removal program gradually takes place in cycles and leads from the first sessions to a significant improvement of the whole. To a steady decrease in rapid regrowth and a noticeable decrease in circumference and strength of the hair. Good are the results on male hair. The man also proves patient care and diligence in performing daily the advice given. Now without the obsession of us pelino conditions of life, it is certain that a skin free from rough interludes is more pleasant to wear. Apart from the preferences on the type of hair removal intimate parts, at least thinning of the bikini area it is to be done. And that does not feel the blasphemy of "winter does not do hair removal so much I have not strip" or because we are all about to go blank for next spring, or sometimes, thank God, happen to take off a dress off! So why not do it big, with the knowledge to be in place in every sense.

Personal care such as peeling, pedicure, manicure, cleaning the skin and facial hair removal hygiene are part of a woman. Hygiene speak and not beauty. Keep your skin moisturized, transparent and perfumed is not a luxury, it is a duty in the comparison of themselves and a great service for those around us. of men and women speak. So nothing absurd excuses. The method for ensuring a reduction of the hair there. Just want to do. And that does not feel the tale of the "I have no time" because it takes less time to do well the work that does not make them bad. So we release the flower beds of thistles and weeds and remember that pruning is not done in the summer!

Edited by Patrizia Maria Cavallo